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Wine Service USA

Importation of wines and spirits

Wine Service USA is an American wine and spirits import company, with national license. WSU offers an innovative, efficient and economical service to European wineries and distilleries, and distributors and retail chains operating in the American market interested in an all-inclusive outsourced management of import and storage service, with a precise and safe method.

An innovative solution for the US market

We work with companies of different sizes and needs, creating a specific support dedicated to each customer, based on market needs.

Our company wants to be an alternative to compliance companies based in the United States, which sometimes have difficulty understanding the real needs and issues of European producers due to the big difference that the American market has compared to European market.

A simple and clear solution

A dedicated team, ready to assist you and support in the market development process every day. We will be able to guide you, optimizing resources and accompanying you on a winning path.

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